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Chippewa Valley Dental Health, LTD

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I believe that people should seek a dentist who has good hands, is dedicated to learning and to the science of dentistry, is detail oriented and, above all, is honest. Dr. Olson is such a dentist. He is a very talented clinician and a true professional.


- Joseph J. Shama, D.D.S.


Dear Dr. Olson, You are truly a unique dentist and human being! After sitting in many dentists' chairs in my almost-eighty years, you are the first one to give me the feeling that my comfort was important -- and not, 'Brace yourself, we've gotta get through this! I didn't feel the novacaine injection, the drilling, and no sore mouth afterward. Never felt like I'd ever been to the dentist. And I know from the care you've given my daughter and her children that you're a perfectionist. Thanks for being a unique and excellent dentist! I'm so glad [my daughter] found you.


- Judy


At the age of 29, I finally decided to get braces, something that has bothered me my whole life. My worries quickly faded when I consulted with Dr. Olson. Dr. Olson is simply great at what he does; a true professional that takes time to listen to his clients and is easy to communicate with. If you want a person that can put you at ease and is one of the best in this profession, I highly recommend Chippewa Valley Dental Health. If you want to save a few bucks on sub-par care, go somewhere else. Additionally, the staff there is great, from the front desk to the hygienists.


- Mark, San Diego, CA


Mark, I need to express to you how grateful I am for the opportunity to have worked with you. You do absolutely beautiful dentistry, the best I’ve seen. God has really given you a tremendous gift. You have a wonderful staff and an absolutely beautiful office.


- Ron Kramer D.D.S.


When I switched jobs 13 years ago, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that I would be losing my dental insurance. As the years went by, trips to the dentist dwindled down to emergencies only. So it was a challenge just to walk into Dr. Mark’s office. I felt terrible about neglecting my teeth for so long, and was practically in tears. But once I was there, I was treated as though my mental and physical comfort was the staff’s only priority. No one chastised me for my years of neglect! Dr. Mark personally checked with me at each step, as the staff prepped me for the actual work, assessing my comfort level. During the actual procedure, I didn’t feel any pain at all! Trust me. You want Dr. Mark when it comes to comfort and quality of work. In fact, he is worth traveling across the country for!


- Julie, Lake Tahoe, California


I appreciate Dr. Olson's thoroughness and the fact he always goes above and beyond at my appointments, besides making me comfortable and doing a great job. Thank you Dr. Olson!! Sure am glad to have had you for our dentist for the past 25 yrs!!


- Brenda


I can’t thank you enough for giving me a new smile! The work you do is amazing and you are a true artist. I really appreciate the extra time you spent and how friendly and helpful all of your staff has been too. It was well worth the drive from Minneapolis.


- Sara


I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for making my smile so beautiful! It has changed my life.


- Angie


I wanted to thank all of you again for the excellent care I received from you. The sedation appointment was a miracle for me. There was no way I could have done this without that. I feel much better, I look much better, and I know I am healthier than before the dental work.


- Dan


Thank you so much for getting me past my fear of dentists! I’ve never had a dentist be so caring and understanding! You’ve given me hope that I can finally have the beautiful smile I’ve always wanted. I can smile in my wedding pictures!


- Amy


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and expertise. It has been much to my benefit that you put so much perfection into the quality of your work. For the first time since I can remember, I am no longer hesitant to smile and let the world see my teeth.


- Julia


I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the efforts with my smile. Each day, I am amazed what you have done and the accomplishments in relationship to my bite, teeth alignment, and jaw pain. Thankfully, I never had to experience the ‘proposed recommendation from other dentists’ regarding my jaw surgery. It was truly a painless experience as we progressed from braces and other dental work. Not only did I experience little or no pain, but also the service that was provided convinced me that your staff is sincere to a patient’s needs. During each visit, I was greeted by an understanding and courteous staff. Although the time spent was tedious and demanding, the results were very favorable. It is without hesitation that I recommend you to many other people. Confidently, I frequently admit the process and professionalism that was demonstrated. Therefore, I would like to commend you for a job well done. Thank you for making my smile brighter and my confidence increase.


- Kevin


Dr. Olson has a great degree of self-confidence, a high level of skill coupled with the latest technology, an obvious desire to help his patients, and a wonderful dry sense of humor that make it a pleasure to come back. His staff is first-class and equally competent.


- Steve


I had a revelation during my appointment yesterday.... I do not hate ‘going to the dentist’ anymore!! Seriously, my years of service and care that I have received from all the staff at your office has not only been impeccable, but the genuine concern and respect you have for me as a patient has completely changed my outlook on ‘going to the dentist.’ Thank you for all you continue to do as a part of my professional health care team!! You are all wonderful!!


- Anonymous


I recently spoke with my brother, who now lives in Arizona. When he lived in Eau Claire he found out about Dr. Olson by asking for opinions on who was the best dentist in Eau Claire. He did the same thing in Arizona and has now seen a couple of "the best dentists" there. Each dentist has commented on the quality of the work done by Dr. Olson! In fact, his current dentist commented that she is quite confident in the quality of her work, but couldn't match the quality of work done by Dr. Olson!


- John


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