Crowns are a restorative procedure used to improve your tooth’s shape or to strengthen a tooth. Crowns are most often used for teeth that are broken, worn, or have portions destroyed by tooth decay.

A crown is a "cap" cemented onto an existing tooth that usually covers the portion of your tooth above the gum line. In effect, the crown becomes your tooth’s new outer surface. Dr. Olson offers crowns that are made of porcelain, metal, or both. Porcelain crowns are most often preferred because they mimic the translucency of natural teeth and are very strong.

Why choose Dr. Olson for your dental crown?

Excellence. Care. Skill. Judgment. Dr. Olson takes the time to do a good job, including choosing dental labs that will produce an excellent crown without passing extra costs on to patients. If you do your job with home care and following the recommended schedule for cleanings and exams with our hygienists, crowns from Dr. Olson often last significantly longer than the national average, saving you money, time, and stress.

Dr. Olson has restored thousands of smiles to optimal form and function over the past 30 years. His clinical excellence, dedication to evidence-based procedures, and years of experience make him one of the best dentists serving the Chippewa Valley.

Treatment Process

Your crown treatment will take two visits to our Eau Claire dental office, usually about two weeks apart. The first visit lasts about an hour, and is when Dr. Olson will prepare your tooth for your crown and take impressions of your mouth to send to our lab. Our technicians will create a crown based on the impressions, so your new tooth will look and function the same as the natural teeth surrounding it. During this time, you will wear a temporary crown.

During your second appointment, Dr. Olson will place your new crown and ensure that it functions properly in relation to your jaw and the surrounding tooth.

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